Do You Know These People?

This gathering of ladies (and the two little kids - wish I knew who they are) was in the yard of Meta Enewoldsen Whicker on North Beach, 5022 (used to be 402) Guemes Island Road.  My grandmother (Mary Stapp) died in 1981 and Meta's property & cabin were sold to William Everett in 1985.  Meta did not die at her cabin, so I'll have to look up her date of death.  I'm thinking the picture was probably taken in the early 1970s or even in the 60s.
Could be other names of the women: Dessie Weigel, maybe Dottie Graham, Beryl Nelson, Mrs. Stockton, Helen Vonnegut?  I remember all these names, but can't really put them to faces anymore. 
If you can identify these people, please contact
-Susan O'Donnell